Every Day is Earth Day!

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Wishing our Customers a Happy and Healthy Summer!

The advantages of using natural and organic products are numerous. Not only do you help protect your health, but the health of the environment and wildlife as well. LKNaturals prides itself on its products and environmentally- responsible business practices. Schools also take part in our campaign for using greener alternatives.

What’s New
Check out our new contest for May/June – Click Here. This contest will have a major and minor prize for our winners. The major prize will receive a free house restoration courtesy of Remdal Vancouver while the minor prize will receive a vacation getaway for two!

Healthy Heart Month
Cardiovascular disease is the result of any number of health conditions, including stress and high cholesterol. It is important to identify the underlying factors and address them. Special supplements such as CoQ-10, L-Carnitine, Pycnogenol, and Hawthorn Berries can help you take care of your heart naturally.

Aromatherpy Spritz
Use these exotic sprays to bring soothing mood-enhancing fragrance to the body. These natural sprays are derived from pure essential oils of precious flowers, woods, spices, and more. They contain no drying alcohol or chemicals.

Bikini Season is Coming Soon!
For the relief of obesity and overweight conditions. Helps your body control its weight better through improved metabolism and reduced appetite!

Treat Your Pets
Your pets should also be part of some great changes in your life. If you have some furry pals, you can purchase some dog kennels Port Coquitlam (The Dog Patch) for them to give them a home of their own.