Handcrafted Soap

Rustic and Primitive Soaps…Made by Hands, Not by Machines!

All of our soaps are poured, molded, and cut by hand. They are prepared in very small batches for freshness and quality. They are often individually scented, colored, cut and/or molded, therefore as a result, there may be slight variations in the soaps, making each bar unique. Our traditional soaps are crafted entirely by hand through every process, from mixing oils to handwrapping them. They are never, ever automated

Because all of our soaps are made with natural occurring glycerin intact, they should be kept from standing in water. To keep them looking nice and preserve them longer, place soap in a well-draining soap dish or on top of a loofah slice.

Soaps that have synthetic fragrances added to them are always marked with an `*` so that our customers know which product contains them. We do not use animal ingredients with the exception of cow`s or goat`s milk, honey and beeswax in some recipes. You may request if an item contains a specific ingredient at any time. Ingredients are described in more detail on the Product Info Sheet.

Disclaimer: As with any product, if irritation occurs while using any of our bath items, discontinue use immediately. It is always wise to perform a patch test before full-body use which is described on our FAQs page.