The Herbalry

This category offers whole herbs, infusions, and decoctions for those interested in formulating their own herbals. All of the herbs that we use and sell are grown by us and are raised with love and are never grown using pesticides or fungicides.

#142 Herbal Oil Infusions

Herbal oil infusions form the base of many herbal preparations including soaps, liniments, salves, balms, medicinals, and more. Our infusions are made with pure extra virgin olive oil fresh for your order. Allow 1-2 weeks to receive your order. We add only Vitamin E as a natural preservative so please refrigerate your infusions to preserve freshness.

#149 Naturally-Grown Herbs

Our herbs are offered whole, crushed, or cut and sifted as specified beside their name. Naturally Grown: All of our herbs are grown by us using absolutely no artificial herbacides, pesticides, and or fungicides and dried naturally. Great for medicinals, teas, tisanes, fomentations, salves, etc.

Due to customer demand we are now offering our herbs in smaller, more convenient .5 ounce sizes; makes experimentation and preparation of smaller batches of herbalries much easier.

Each herb comes with a FREE herbal recipe.